“Pink Parlour: the best hair removal salon place where you can get your beauty enhanced”

Pink Parlour, a beauty company that operates several beauty brands in Asia, and which is known for its exclusive professionalism services when it comes to beauty therapy, hair removal services and making available beauty accessories announces the opening of its 4th hair removal salon at Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas, Manila, Philippine. The new location features professional hair removal sections, hair waxing salons and also offers several beauty accessories for both women and men. Pink Parlour Group is the company that manages several beauty brands in Asia namely Pink Parlour, Spartan, Senses and Parlour Supply. The new shop parades international standard waxing rooms and professional hair removal experts.

At the new shop located at the Robinsons Galleria, hygiene standards are taken into consideration and are considered to be the most important. Therefore, each client can be sure of getting nothing but safest and standard services. For waxing treatment, quality materials have been put in place. The newly opened 4th Pink Parlour outlet in Philippine will be fogged and protected monthly by Anti-Bacterial solutions following hospital standards to ensure a bacteria-free beauty parlour for every client irrespective of their social status. In addition to that, the new shop has been stocked with disposable bedrolls which means each client will be relaxing on a germ free bed, also the professional hair removal experts of Pink Parlour will thoroughly sterilize their hands before attending to any client by using hospital grade sanitizers that kill 99.99% germs and viruses all in a bid to ensure client’s safety and hygiene.

Another thing that distinguishes this new Pink Parlour 4th hair removal salon that is being launched in Philippine is the fact that each client will be using a fresh and clean towel before and after taking their bath whenever they come for hair waxing. This is so because every towel will be sent to professional cleaners daily where they will go through a rigorous hot water and chemical cleaning before reaching back to the Pink Parlour salon.

While introducing the newly opened 4th hair removal salon of Pink Parlour in Robinsons Galleria, Philippines, to a teeming number of anticipating crowd, Derrick Seeto, President of Pink Parlour Beauty Brand said,“We are delighted to announce the opening of the fourth Pink Parlour Philippines 1362 sq ft store at the newly renovated Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas, Manila, Philippines! Like Robinsons, we understand constant design innovation and customer experience are paramount to the success of any real estate business. We will continually build our reputation as hair removal professionals who care for their clients.”

The company has been designed to serve the needs of those who seek to improve their beauty by having their removed. Pink Parlour having been a recognized Award-winning waxing salon since 2005 which makes the new and 4th hair removal salon being opened an extension of its excellence and professionalism.

For more information, visit: http://www.parlourgroup.asia

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