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Get smooth and be confident! Escape the burden of shaving ingrown hairs and skin discolouration.
Eliminate unwanted facial and body hair rapidly, safely and effectively with laser hair removal.
Our Alpha Light Technology is effective and painless.

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Alpha Underarm

Painless long-term hair removal using a hybrid of IPL & RF technology for your underarms. Never be ashamed of lifting your arms in public again. Raise your hands if you want to be free!

Treatment specifics: Underarm

Why choose Alpha IPL hair removal:
Permanent hair removal solution
Cheaper in the long run (Lower ‘maintenance’ cost’)
Hair becomes finer & more sparse
No stubble or dark shadow after shaving
No more painful problems of ingrown hair
No itching

Our Happy Customers
Carissa P. McGovern

This is my 5th package with Pink Parlour! I'm a super satisfied and happy customer of their Orchard Central branch. Tried their waxing and Alpha Light - amazing results. Thank you"

Halyd Latiff

Good impression overall, especially with staff call Zara, taking care of customer and making them feel comfortable..GOOD JoB

Outlet @ Jurong Point"

Erika V. Babasa

I can't remember how long i have been having my treatments for underarm IPL and Brazilian waxing through Pink Parlour. But, i must say every time I turn up for my appointments they are always polite, efficient and easy to get along with. Special Thanks to Jenny. My appointments are always smooth and easy just like waxing."

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  • Rachel Kho
    First time doing my nails here ! I was served by Mickey and I must say I'm really impressed with her wonderful service. Mickey was really friendly and she was very nice in all. Definitely coming back here to do my nails from now on !!
  • Shalini Poddar
    Best Service Always!
  • Hedda Svendsen
    A very nice and clean place, waxing done fast and with minimum pain. Mickey is the sweetest person! She has a good technique, but is also very nice to talk to ☺️ definitely recommend
  • marlon angeles
    Great service ! Kudos to Roda at jurong point branch!
  • Nurul A
    Kudos to Roda for her excellent customer service. Waxing was clean and painless. No hard-selling of packages. Will look forward to another appointment with her.😊
  • Joey Yip
    I did brazilian waxing and IPL underarm with Mickey. She is really professional, patient and will find ways to minimize the pain from waxing (i have low tolerance for pain).
  • Shaka
  • Kathleen T
    My first time was done by Mickey and I will always want her to be the one doing my waxing. Please keep her in Jurong Point! I love her service!
  • 팽문일
    Served by Roda at Jurong Point. It was a quick and fast service.
  • l l
    Mickey is awesome! Thumbs up!
  • Question: What is the difference between other hair removal technologies and Pink Parlour's alpha Light technology?
    All LT hair removal technologies effectively damages the hair follicles by using light, allowing heat transfer to the roots to stop hair growth. Alpha Light technology delivers energy deeper into the follicles. Our machines are stable and fast, which explains why your treatment is very comfortable and quick. The light and heat delivery uses ‘square’ technology where the pulses are always kept within safe and stable levels, reducing the risk of burn and increasing comfort levels for clients which ensures that every pulse is effective yet almost painless. The cold treatment head rolls gently on the skin’s surface. This advanced technique is not only very comfortable, but ensures hair follicles are removed effectively without harming superficial skin. There is a big contrast between Alpha Light and other older generation IPL which delivers unstable heat that feels like a heated rubber band flaking on the skin and has a higher risk of burn.
  • Question: Is it permanent?
    There is no technology in the market that is able to promise completely smooth and hair free results forever. This is because at any point in time, every human being has varied percentage of dormant hair folicles within our skin that cannot be treated. These dormant hair folicles can only be treated when they become active. These fine hairs can be treated in future touch up sessions once they become active and grow. However, due to the depth of Alpha Light Technology, we are able to capture more hair more effectively. On average, one to two touch up sessions a year for the 2nd and 3rd year can achieve over 98% hair free for many years. It will be unlikely that a person who has undergone the full course of Alpha Light treatment and achieving hairless-ness will experience a full regrowth again with an exception of hormonal therapy which may cause hair to become active.
  • Question: Can I see hair reduction after the 1st trial?
    You will notice hair falling off within 7 days to 3 weeks after the treatment, but hair reduction may not be noticeable as we all have many cycles of actively growing hair. An average person may require 3 to 5 sessions before noticing any hair reduction.
  • Question: How many sessions will I require for Alpha Light technology?
    Clinical studies have shown 4 to 6 sessions (done on a once a month basis) as an average to see hair reduction between 60% to 80%. However, it is important to continue the treatment whenever you see hair growing (at an average of once every 2 to 3 months) to ensure you achieve the desired results. Touch up sessions may be necessary as there will always be hair that we may have missed during the course of treatments due to hair being in dormant cycles. At Pink Parlour, we want the best results for you, thus, we bundle our treatments in 12 or 24 months’ program to ensure you will achieve the best results without the risk of paying for services that do not meet your hair removal expectations.
  • Question: What do I need to do to prepare for the treatment?
    While undergoing any form of laser/permanent hair removal, it is best that you shave 3 to 7 days prior to your session. Stop waxing and epilating while you are actively undergoing your sessions as removing the roots will make it difficult to treat the hair.
  • Question: Is there any product that I can use after my Alpha Light treatment?
    Yes, our Pink Parlour Boudoir Soothe Calm Protect Lotion helps calm the skin, reduce redness and prevents itching. The tea tree oil also acts as an antimicrobial to prevent infection of the follicles.
  • Question: I have very blond hair, will this technology work?
    No, this technology works best on hair with coloured pigments and melanin. For people with very light coloured hair, it is difficult for the hair to absorb any heat which is required to disable the hair follicles. This will work if you have dark brown or medium brown hair, but not blond.
  • Question: I have very dark skin, will I be a suitable candidate?
    We recommend against any form of LT hair removal if you have very dark skin. We have treated many clients with medium skin tones with much success but we do not take the risk if you have very dark skin that cannot differentiate the colour of your hair and skin. As this technology uses light and heat to detect the darker hair, it will be difficult to selectively treat hair without burning the skin as dark skin absorbs much of the heat without reflecting.
  • Question: Do you guarantee results? What if I am not able to achieve the desired results?
    Pink Parlour prides ourselves in honesty and integrity when we conduct our business. Your results are our main obsession and we want to see you hair free as much as you want to be hair free. Pink Parlour can give assurance that you will see your hair being treated, meaning, hair fall will occur usually a week to 3 weeks after each session. If you feel in any way that your treatment has not been effective, simply drop us a note and we will ensure you will be looked after. There will always be a small number of people whom LT Hair Removal technologies will never work, and we will not be able to guarantee that you do not fall into that category. With our extensive history of over 10 years doing LT Hair Removal, we have seen less than 1% of clients who are NOT SUITABLE candidate. Who will then not be candidates for LT Hair Removal like Alpha Light? People with very Active Hormones cannot be treated even though after every successful session of Alpha Light, the roots get destroyed and hair falls, but active hormones encourage regeneration of the follicles encouraging new hair growth. This is beyond what we can aid and we cannot be responsible for the inability to treat a person who has hormonal issues. People on Hormone Replacement Therapies. Some people who are undergoing menopause and being treated by HRT may not be suitable candidates as we cannot determine if the hormone therapy can encourage hair regrowth and promote active hair growth. Very light hair colour we are unable to treat as it will not absorb the heat needed to destroy the roots. People with very dark skin are at a high risk of burn even though they will ultimately achieve reduced hair growth.

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