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Pink Parlour Franchise 

Welcome to the world of Franchises, where success lies in the application of a proven system. Every woman would want to be the best of themselves, and Pink Parlour Since 2005 is able to meet this deep need across South East Asia with over 17 outlets (and 3 new ones in the pipeline).


I remember when I first started Pink Parlour,  all I wanted was a place where women can embrace their bodies and be proud of their grooming rituals. I had some experience working for a beauty salon chain with 7 outlets, however, nothing prepared me for the challenges of actually owning and running one. How I wish I had done it the easier way with a proper system, a 'template per se', and a mentor to advise me on the challenges. Perhaps preventing me from the many falls and giving me tips along the journey of growth.  Our system has brought success into the lives of our franchisees, partners, and employees alike, and we are looking to impact even more lives. 


Our approach and commitment remove two of the greatest uncertainty in business,  the skills &  knowledge gap and the big financial risks of starting a business. With over 17 years of proven success and experience,  our Franchise Specialists are able to project cost and protect your interest during our relationship. Your success is our success! We invite you to take the Bold step forward with us.


Wendi Chan

Founder & Chairwoman

Why Pink Parlour? 

What makes Pink Parlour Unique 

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